Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Arena Cloud App?

First of all, you need to download the mobile version of the Arena Cloud application from the appropriate store. After downloading the application, you can register with a valid mobile phone number. You need to save the SMS that arrives to the specified phone number, as this will be your password for using both mobile and smart TV applications. After registering on the Arena Cloud mobile application and purchasing the desired package, you can log in to the smart TV application using the phone number you registered with, and the password is the one that arrived in the text message.

What do I need to register?

It is very easy to register to Arena Cloud. Everything you need for the start is to have an active mobile phone number.

How can I buy some of Arena Cloud packages?

Arena Cloud packages are available to you through the shortcut “My Arena” in the application itself. You need to enter your email address, to which you want your invoices to arrive. You then move on to package selection and then to payment. The duration of all packages is 30 days, after which the subscription is automatically renewed.

Where are Arena Cloud packages available?
Arena Cloud packages are available in the following countries: Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia. Arena Sport channels are not available for the following countries: Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia. Broadcasting of certain channels depends on the country in which you use the application. On the Packages page you can download the list by country.
Are the packages really without a contractual obligation?

That’s right, all the packages are without a contractual obligation, and you can cancel them anytime.

How and when do I pay the subscription?

The subscription is paid on monthly basis. The amount of a subscription is collected automatically from your payment card you used when first paying, each month 30 days after the first subscription was charged. Prices are calculated in dinars.

Can I cancel the subscription?
All our packages are without contractual obligation, so you can cancel your subscription at any time via the shortcut “My Arena”. If you use a free demo package that lasts until March 1, 2021, you do not need to cancel your subscription, after the expiration of the demo package, your channels will no longer be available. To continue watching the content, you need to purchase the package via the My Arena shortcut in the Arena Cloud application.
How can I watch Arena Cloud on TV?

Arena Cloud can be watched on TV in two ways.

If you have a TV or device from the list of supported smart TV devices, it is necessary to download the Arena Cloud Smart TV application. The application is currently available for Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick as well as for Apple TV. To log in to any of the listed platforms, it is necessary to first register via phone number via the mobile application and make the purchase of the desired package. Registration on Arema Cloud is free. After that, you use the same username (phone number) and password (which arrived in the SMS) to log in to the Smart TV application.

If you don’t have any of these devices, you can cast a picture from your phone to your TV using Google Chromecast. The Android and Ios mobile and tablet versions of the application have a built-in Cast function. When you are in Fullscreen mode you need to click on the cast shortcut and an additional window will open which will show you the devices to which it is possible to transfer the picture.

What Internet connection speed is required for watching Arena Cloud App?

For best customer experience we recommend you to use minimum Internet speed of 5MB/s to watch Arena Cloud App, and for watching the content on a Smart TV set, the minimum speed should be 10MB/S. The quality shall depend on the performances of the device you use as well.

Does the Arena Cloud App work by use of a mobile data transfer network?

Arena Cloud App is available through a mobile network as well. If you do not use Wi-Fi but mobile data transfer, please check your package and pricing with your mobile operator, since watching of the content by use of mobile data transfer may cause additional costs. Internet for using the application via 4G mobile networks is not charged for users of Mts, Mtel BiH and Mtel Montenegro.

Can I use Google Chromecast to watch a match on TV?

Yes, the content from the mobile App through the Cast function can easily be shared to a TV set by use of Google Chromecast or some other device which supports the Cast function. After transferring the picture from the mobile phone to TV set, the phone can be easily used since the Cast function will work in the background.

Can I change the package?

Since all the packages are without a contractual obligation, we do not put any restriction in terms of change of a package. You can change small package to a large one and vice versa. If you submit a request to change the package during the month, the change will be made at the end of the billing period, which is 30 days after you originally purchased the package. You can request a change of package once in one month.